Maybe I will discover your name

I will shout it, shout slowly

Maybe breathe

Be silent


I will blend it with a select variety of grape

Will slurp it down, roaring and moist of spirit, of breeze

Maybe I will whisper a psalm to the seaweed

Will suck it out of rocks sweating in the light, their legs dangling in water.

Maybe I will rip silence out of it

Leave it in the belly of a cicada, and from out of the landslide of its voice

Your name will rise utterly human,

Filling life with sweetness.

Maybe I’ll reveal desperate passion to the rose

Sprout grief in the soil, and with the easy knowledge of Spring

It might flower

And out of the shudders of an unpruned garden I will shout ”Come, it’s dinner soon”

Just speak to me, speak like the seasons, speak to me like rain,


Maybe then I will understand the immortal song of mortals.