Maybe I will discover your name

I will shout it, shout slowly

Maybe breathe

Be silent


I will blend it with a select variety of grape

Will slurp it down, roaring and moist of spirit, of breeze

About the book

Hadassah Tal’s poetry is a manuscript
of pain and beauty. “How beautiful is all
this beauty,” she writes, “How will I surrender you to the ground.” But the power of these poems is just that: they do not surrender beauty to the ground. They give
it to the wind, to the water, to the dance,
they elevate it “higher than the dome of thought”, they sift through “the death from the death within.”
These broken poems create the “elusive miracle” that allows us to grasp what can not be grasped, to know what is impossible to know. Thus, throughout the pages of this book, they shift across states of matter and registers of language and voice, only to hold one tiny girl, “innocent of words,” and to release her from the innumerable eyes that are reflected in the noting.
Dana Amir.

Most of the poems in this book were written in one month, November 2014.

Hakibbutz Hameuchad -Sifriat Poalim Publishing Group, 2017.

Inspired by the book

Hadassa Tal is the subject of a US documentary, The Thread, produced by Truestories.
Hadassa Tal’s But First I Call Your Name was translated by Joanna Chen. Selected poems have been published in MantisWaxwingEzra Journal of Translation, Arlington Literary Journal and Temporel, the French Art and Culture Journal.

The poem “Daughter” translated and read by Joanna Chen: