A dot travels -

Embracing her ruin

She still dares

To sing

About the book

“… The book walks us through the birds’ winging into the world that is hiding beyond; a place that has no map, that no one has ever seen, a place that is the soul. Like the vibration that lingers in the air after the bird flies, the book leads us to the invisible path we all pass through, but only a few notice.” Nurit Zarchi, Israeli poet and author.

Hakibbutz Hameuchad -Sifriat Poalim Publishing Group, 2011.


Inspired by the book

The book was translated into French by
Eglal Errera and published in Paris by Bruno Doucey in December 2013.

The book was translated from French into English by Felip Costlioli, and from Hebrew into English by by Joanna Chen.

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The prose “Atelier”
translated and read by Joanna Chen: